Booting Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu from a Custom-Built PC

First off, Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you all the best for the New Year of 2011 (when it comes). Now, onto the meat of this post. As you may or may not know, I have been building a computer from scratch over the Christmas […]


PrettyWiki Released

Hi everybody – long time no blog! This is just a quick post to announce the unveiling of PrettyWiki – a new, beautiful, simple way to read Wikipedia on your iPad. It’s that simple. We hope you like it.


Get Rid Of That Hideous iPhone Case

A few days back, I had an epiphany. I was removing the Bumper from my iPhone to plug an oversized headphone jack in, when I realised that my once-gorgeous bright white iPhone case had accumulated a load of disgusting muck on the inside of it. Worse still, it has somehow created a bunch of minor […]

Why Apple Remains The Tech King

Since I last wrote for this blog, Apple’s share price has peaked at an astonishing $644. Of course, it has now dropped back to a sensible level, but despite the fact that most of Europe seems to be melting from the double effect of Greece being useless and the French electing an economic crackpot to […]

Do People Care About Apple’s Manufacturing Process?

I was contacted a couple of days ago about an online infographic called iKill. I thought I’d reproduce it here for anyone who is interested. I should point out that I am not against what Apple does per se. I really doubt people would be prepared to pay $200 more per device for an American-manufactured […]

Is Apple Scared of Innovation?

I’ve been playing around with my developer copy of OS X Mountain Lion for the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure how much my developer NDA permits me to say, although Gizmodo and company seems to have spilt the beans already, but the first impression has to be: this is really good for a […]

Why The Kindle Is Awesome

I was lucky enough to receive a Kindle at Christmas, and as soon as I got hold of it I fell in love with the small form factor. However, a couple of months have elapsed since then, and I must say: I’ve fallen in love with my little e-reader. It’s not been an instant transition, […]

Spotify Premium Grey

Why I Left Spotify Premium

Just before Christmas begun I signed up to Spotify Premium. The reason? I was fed up with the 5-song limit that came with the free Spotify Open, and I wanted to see what having offline copies of music on my iPhone would be like. When I first started (remember, for absolutely no cost), Spotify quite […]


Latin I Answers Are Finally Available

After countless emails from people desperate to see whether their Latin is correct or not, we are proud to announce the complete set of answers to Latin I, with Latin II and III coming very soon. Get the answers today or download the original Latin I app.

Tregothnan app launched

On behalf of Tregothnan, the only growers of tea left in England, I’d like to wish everyone an “‘appy” New Year (terrible joke, I know) and introduce the official Tregothnan app. Showcasing everything the beautiful grounds have to offer, from tea to flowers to a relaxing cuppa in the Tea Bar. Download it now.

Why A 6-Inch Tablet/Phone Just Might Make Sense

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to have an Amazon Kindle waiting for me under the tree. Ever since they dropped the price to £85, I’ve been lusting after the alternative to carrying half a suitcase’s worth of books every time I head off on holiday. Currently, I am reading that great (but incredibly long) […]